International Foundation "Centre for Judicial Studies" is a charitable non-governmental organization founded by Ukrainian and Swiss judges in 2001

Main aim of the activity:
  • Promotion of the judicial reform in Ukraine;
  • Holding of the judicial professional training;
  • Formation of new value orientations that concern the rule of law and the belonging of judges to the independent branch of power;
  • Promotion of the dissemination of the legal knowledge among the population to achieve the principle of the comprehensive legal informing of the population and the forming of the high legal culture of the citizens of Ukraine
  • Organization exchange programs between Ukrainian judges and judges from the countries of the highly developed democracy on educational purposes
  • Promotion of the scientific researches in the field of law


    CJS's Accomplishments (booklet, pdf, 5,38 ╠┴)



    Ukraine, 01030, Kyiv, ╠. ╩otcubinskogo St., 12,

    Phone: (380-44) 235-67-77, phone/fax 234-35-86