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March, 2016

17.03.2016 Revealing Mariupol judges who let the separatists go. UCMC-16-03-2016

14.03.2016 In Nikolaev the court left without change the resolution on solution of the case concerning subordinates ex-"regional" Volokhov

14.03.2016 Ukraine to begin criminal proceedings against leader of so-called LPR in absentia

14.03.2016 Ukraine monitors express concern at changes to Ukraines electoral law

14.03.2016 Not a single official, judge purged in Lviv since Oct. 2014

29.02.2016 Changes to Constitution in part of judicial reform needed to successfully complete 'Maidan' cases Poroshenko

02.02.2016 Parliament in first reading backs revised Constitution on justice reform


January, 2013

24.01.2013 Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Italy leading in number of applications to European Court

24.01.2013 Minister: Ukraine fulfills all European Court's rulings on material compensation


July, 2012

11.07.2012 Constitutional Court rules unconstitutional stripping president, judges of immunity from prosecution, approves removal of MPs' immunity

February, 2012

03.02.2012 PRESS RELEASE: Fate of Ukraina department store 'being decided on basis of forged deal'

01.02.2012 Ukraine Ranks Third In Number Of Decisions European Court Of Human Rights Made In 2011


January, 2012

31.01.2012 Things get going?

17.01.2012 Law On Decriminalization Of Economic Crimes Comes Into Force

12.01.2012 Yanukovych signs law on improvement of administrative proceedings

12.01.2012 New Supreme Court head wants change, but lacks powers to lessen corruption

02.01.2012 Chornobyl liquidators prepare to go to Strasbourg court to defend their rights

02.01.2012 Kravchuk: Only European court can take democratic decision on Tymoshenko case


December, 2011

31.12.2011 Batkivshchyna lawmakers seek EU sanctions against some judges, prosecutors

27.12.2011 Constitutional Court recognizes government's right to determine size of social payments


November, 2011

23.11.2011 Council Of Europe: No Balance Between Defense And Prosecution During Judicial Processes In Former USSR

20.11.2011 Portnov: New Criminal Procedure Code To Likely Increase Acquitting Judgments To 30% - 40%

20.11.2011 Presidential aide: Judicial reform to be done in 2012

18.11.2011 Secret court rulings show regression of democracy

17.11.2011 Rada Names Temkizhev Higher Administrative Court Judge

11.11.2011 Yanukovych signs law that broaden functions of Supreme Court

07.11.2011 Higher Council of Justice to weigh Supreme Court's ruling to mitigate life sentence of some convicts


October, 2011

24.10.2011 A report on Judicial Self-Governing Bodies and Judges Career in the Eastern Partnership Countries was published by the Council of Europe Strasbourg, 14 October 2011


June, 2011

28.06.2011 Constitutional Court Rules Constitutional President's Right To Dissolve Law Courts

28.06.2011 Pechersk court will allow cameras into the courtroom

10.06.2011 Rights judge: Torture common in Ukraine

10.06.2011 Nominees for judge to take qualifications exam in June

10.06.2011 Kyiv to take into account Venice Commission's remarks on judicial reform, says president


May, 2011

18.05.2011 Enhancing judicial reform in the Eastern Partnership countries Project


February, 2011

08.02.2011 Supreme Court Head Onopenko says criminal cases aim to force him to leave his post

07.02.2011 Kyiv district court judge arrested while taking bribe

06.02.2011 Supreme Court head Onopenko is not a suspect in any criminal case


January, 2011

30.01.2011 Onopenko not going to resign

29.01.2011 New report slams judicial reform in Ukraine

24.01.2011 Ukraine is one leading plaintiffs at European Court of Human Rights

24.01.2011 Lutsenko appeals to European Court of Human Rights

24.01.2011 Unidentified person shoots at court building in Zaporizhia

23.01.2011 High court zigzagging
Ukraines Constitutional Court recently overturned the political reform of 2004 that had dramatically altered the countrys system of government. In detail >>

23.01.2011 Selective Justice
Ukraines authorities stepped up arrests of political opponents over the winter holidays, amid growing international concern that the nation is sliding down an authoritarian path one year into the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych. In detail >>

22.01.2011 Court leaves former first deputy justice minister Korniychuk in custody
Kyiv Court of Appeals has upheld Pechersky district court's decision to put former first deputy justice minister Yevhen Korniychuk under arrest for two months as a pre-trial restriction. In detail >>

22.01.2011 EU official warns Ukraine about 'selective justice' (update)
Legislation should not be used for political purposes, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fuele has said. In detail >>


December, 2010

09.12.2010 President swears in newly appointed judges

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych participates in a ceremony of swearing in the judges appointed to the office for the first time. In detail >>


November, 2010

02.11.2010 Illegal seizure of the premises of the Supreme Court of Ukraine jeopardizes its administration of justice

01.11.2010 Superior Specialised Court For Civil And Criminal Cases Commences Work

October, 2010

29.10.2010 Yanukovych asks parliament to stop interfering in judge selection

12.10.2010 Dependent judiciary

07.10.2010 Judges resign in Ukraine after judicial reform

Today 02 Oct 2023

Released a new joint issue of the Bulletin Council of Judges of Ukraine and the Center for Judicial Studies devoted accessibility monitoring, effectiveness and impartiality of justice in Ukraine.

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